MECELEC Composites has an excellent command of all its manufacturing processes. It produces technically sphisticated parts (of non-standard sizes, resistant to extreme temperatures, fireproof, with strong electrical insulation properties, etc.).

We also offer finishing work for parts up to the end product (painting, marking, insertion, cabling, surface treatments, etc.)


This molding technique enables us to produce materials that are resistant to extreme temperatures, are fireproof and have high electrical insulation without changing their mechanical strength.

32 presses from 100 to 2,000 tons, mostly robot-controlled and automated.


This technology allows us to achieve technically sophisticated parts with almost no finishing operations needed.

15 presses from 50 to 550 tons for technical or class A parts.


These processes enable us to produce structural parts and large-scale parts, from one-offs to medium-sized series.

2 low pressure injection machines RTM


We provide a finished product, ready to be integrated, thanks to our machining centers present on each of our sites : painting, marking, insertion, cabling, surface treatments, application of industrial paint (liquid and pwder) etc.

Exceptional properties
of composite materials

Composite material is an association of at least two immiscible materials with a high adhesion capacity. It forms a new material with extra properties that each element alone does not have. It has many advantages compared to other materials that can be used for the same purpose (steel or aluminium for example) :

  • More lightweight
  • More design and customizable
  • Stronger and more rigid
  • More technical (waterproofing, insulation, etc.)
  • More resistant
  • More eco-friendly

MECELEC Composites helps bring about composite material processing in many sectors :

Illsutration mecelec domaine : MOBILITY (aeronautics, ground mobility)

MOBILITY (aeronautics, ground mobility)

Our technical sophistication helps us produce parts that respect advanced engineering characteristics, parts with a painted appearence, as well as integrating functions and controllers. Using our compression presses that can apply a force of up to 2,000 metric tons, we produce aerodynamic parts, car body parts, interior structural / semi-structural parts.

Illsutration mecelec domaine : RAILWAY INDUSTRY


We work with the market leaders to supply railway equipment and embedded equipment that meets strict qualifications in terms if fire, smoke, mechanical and dielectric properties, wear, impermeability, insulation, signalin, etc.

Illsutration mecelec domaine : ENEERGY


We design complete ranges of cabinets for all players in the gas, electricity, water or telecom sectors. Our fully automated manufacturing lines allow for all custom finishes. From spare parts to complete equipment, we provide solutions to all our client’s demands.

Illsutration mecelec domaine : SPORTS, LEISURE, MARINE & MEDICAL


We develop products that meet more specific requirements, such as urban equipment (Morris columns), sporting equipment, medical equipment (sterilization stations, sanitary facilities, etc.), leisure and marine equipment (pool walls, marine furniture, etc.).